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Bird Cage Buying Tips

Buying Tips



When selecting a new home for your pet, keep the following points in mind:


  • Just because a cage is large doesn't mean it is suitable for a large bird or animal. Check the thickness of the bars - large birds can sometimes gnaw through thinner bars.

  • Look for cages that provide at least 2 times the wingspan of your bird as an adult. Toys are also important for your birds mental health, so allow room. 

  • For birds, consider the spacing between bars to ensure the cage is appropriate for the size of your bird. You do not want your bird's head to fit through the bars. Our website has pre-selected cages based on bar width and other factors tohelp you make the right choice for your bird. 

  • Large birds are best in cages that have vertically running bars on the front and back panels. This prevents long tail feathers from getting constantly snagged in the cage bars. In addition, horizontal bars on the side panels allow for climbing. 

  • The latch on the cage is an important factor. All of our cages have a durable slide-latch with gravity lock mechanism as opposed to a "spring-latch", which may tend to break after a year or so.
  • door latch small   gravitylatch 

  • All of our wrought iron cages have a removable, slide-out bottom grate in addition to a slide-out tray. This makes for easy cleaning. All of our wire cages, except the flight cages, have slide-out bottom trays with removable bottom grates, but the bottom grates do not "slide-out".

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